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  • Established “Zhongshan MLS Electronics Co., Ltd” and entered LED industry.

  • Company moved to technology park.
  • Entered middle & high power LED and SMD package industry.

  • Sold with the brand of MLS all over the world. 
  • Started to sell the first generation of LED Dip T8 tube of the world.

  • Established the Lighting and Lead frame Dept.
  • Company name was changed to “MLS Electronics Co., Ltd.”.

  • Built headquarter in Xiaolan, Zhongshan City.
  • Formally change name to “MLS Co., Ltd.”.

  • Obtain the title of famous brand of Guangdong province and high-tech enterprises of Guangdong province.
  • Became one of the best players of LED industry.

  • Awarded as the 4th key players of LED industry in China.
  • Grew by 10 times.
  • Established the domestic sales of MLS Lighting brand.

  • Ranked 1st of LED packaging industry in China.
  • Ranked 10th of LED corp. globally by HIS.
  • Established over 3,000 sales network in China.

  • MLS device packaging Ranked 7th in the global lighting market.
  • Hold and activity of a three thousand people trip of MKLS and created an industry miracle. 
  • Xingyu and Ji-an production base of Jiangxi province got into operation.
  • Established over 25,000 sales network in China.
  • The annual output exceeded 4 billion RMB.

  • Ranked 9th of LED corp. globally.
  • MLS device packaging ranked 5th in global market.
  • IPO at SZ stock Exchange on 17th Feb, 2015 with stock code 002745.

  • MLS is involved in a joint acquisition of Ledvance.
  • MLS acquired the company of Supertrend to seize the market of LED Filament Lamp.

  • Ranked 2nd among the top 10 LED packaging companies in China in 2016.
  • MLS won the champion of LED lighting packaging in China.
  • Ranked 18th of the global industrial semiconductor manufacturer in 2016.
  • Started the Yiwu MLS LED lighting base.
  • MLS participated in the acquisition of Osram’s Ledvance on 3rd Mar. to complete the share delivery.

  • MLS established the automotive lighting department in Taiwan.


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